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Crypton-burgundy, tan, olive, blue and gold stripe (CP42)

This is super durable Crypton fabric in a burgundy, tan, olive, blue and gold stripe. 



Adjustable buckle collars may only be lined in satin due to the thickness of this material. You may line bar buckle collars in the smooth minkies only and reduced bar buckles in minky or vinyl.

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Satin/Solid Vinyls/ Smooth Minky/Plushy Swirl Minky color choices  -Lining explanations here

Plushy Minky color choices- specify fabric ID in box below

Additional Vinyl Choices - specify color description in box below

Buckle Type explanations here

You may add embroidery or engraved buckles  to your collar after you add it to the cart by using the add on option at the bottom of the page

Collar Width
Collar Size
If your dog is between sizes choose the next size up. If your dog is still growing then in the exact neck size field add growing after the neck size given
Exact Neck Size
Collar will be "right" sized based on actual neck size so you have room to loosen or tighten
Buckle Choice
Lining Choices
Choose your option,then use the fields below to tell me your color preferences or product ID's from the website. PLEASE REFER TO LININGS PAGE FOR EXAMPLES of the various linings.
Lining color choice
SEE THE LININGS COLOR CHOICES PAGE AND LINKS ABOVE Indicate which color of satin, vinyl or smooth minky you would like.
D ring weight
I ask this because I add a small separate ring along the bottom of the collar to attach your tags to that is separate from the D ring
Sex of Dog-used for lining colors
This is to help me determine the colors for best match lining choices
Does your dog wear tags?
If you answer yes I add a small tag ring to the collar
Additional Information or Instructions
If you are not sure how to order something or just have information about how you want the collar constructed, let me know here
Charges for add on custom items

Embroidery and Engraved buckle option,  you can add on before or after you add your collar to the cart.


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